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At Galvanize Human Resources we are fascinated with people and how to attract, select and engage them. We seek knowledge to reach the deepest understanding of what drives company culture and personal motivation.

We believe that it’s critical to understand your needs, culture, and direction before we connect you to the people who will move you forward. And that’s what we do.

We help you attract and persuade ideal prospects by teaching you how to bring your company’s passion and potential to the surface.

We specialize in providing influential executive searches and human resource wisdom across a range of services and industries.

IT and mobile application development - New media – Design – Communications – Entertainment - Sports – Fashion - HR analytics – Legal and consulting services.

Get the advantage of persuasion gained through the wisdom of experience.


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Board Search and Advisory Services

Whether it’s a board of directors or an advisory group to help provide stability and insight, leadership starts at the top with those who know what it takes. With our extensive breadth of privileged contacts, we can help you identify and find the leadership you’re looking for.

Moreover, with our breadth of experience and wisdom of what it takes to start, build, and grow a company, we can also help ensure that you have the right composition, focus, and mix of competencies to create the cohesive team strength and spirit required to build momentum in a world economy in transition.

Seasoned in lean start-up methodologies, we are adept at navigating the particular demands of emerging start-ups driving to disrupt their market, particularly in companies focused on mobile development.

Typical assignments call for us to:
  • Recruit one or more directors or advisors
  • Build new boards
  • Evaluate existing board dynamics
  • Create advisory boards
  • Advise on corporate governance
  • Advise on succession planning

Executive Search

Few things impact an organization more than its leadership. Our targeted executive search strategy focuses on identifying chief operators with the skillsets to helm growing technology companies or to lead traditional businesses needing to transform to the new Internet-of-everything economy.

We specialize in leadership attraction, leadership assessment, succession planning, and executive development services. We have extensive experience in our areas of focus and can attract talent locally, nationally, or from around the world. We are experts at introducing opportunities, evangelising organizational culture, and persuading “A” players to explore career shifts that they may not have been considering.

Our executive search expertise encompasses the following areas:
  • Operational Senior Leadership
  • Senior Human Resource Management
  • Senior Finance Leadership
  • Software Development, Engineering and Architecture
  • Mobile Development
  • Design, UX, IA
  • Sales and Marketing Leadership
  • New Media, Communications and PR
  • In-House counsel

Leadership and Specialized Technical Search

Technology continues to both shape the world and be transformed by it. From cloud computing and mobile applications to new media and infrastructure, few industries are left unaffected and organizations must adapt to these changes quickly in order to succeed.

In technology recruiting, perhaps more than in any other industry, speed and expertise is paramount. We drive business results by being proactive and comprehensive in identifying, recruiting, and selecting the best technical or specialized talent available in our areas of focus.

Interim Leadership Search

The current economy lends itself to interim solution-oriented hires and this is especially true if your company is experiencing rapid growth, a sudden turnaround, a merger or acquisition, or is in the midst of developing a new line of business that requires immediate expertise without a long-term commitment. Interim executive search can be an effective option to “bridge the gap” in an important corporate transition. Although these positions are usually for 6-12 months, they may lead to permanent engagements.

Leadership, New-Hire and Team Assessment

Galvanize HR provides the most insightful and actionable leadership talent assessment services in Western Canada. They are the backbone of our search practice.

Talent assessment is a rapidly evolving science. If used well, behavioural- and competency-based interviewing and industrial and organizational psychology can be the secret weapon for growing organizations. If deployed poorly without clearly defining job competencies and critical success factors, some talent assessment appears more like “snake-oil.”

We provide customized assessment solutions that enhance your ability to select the right people for the right job, align them across business units, and identify the potential for developmental opportunities.

Beyond our ability to help you source and identify talent, we can also provide you with a “sober second thought” overview of new hires, regardless of how they were sourced. As well, we can provide you with actionable guidelines that will help you gauge employee suitability for internal promotion or redeployment.

We are so confident that our talent assessment services will make an immediate and significant impact on your organization that we provide an unmatched guarantee. Get the details here.

Recruitment and Talent Strategy Consulting

We define, build, and implement customized recruitment and talent strategies to showcase your company culture and attract top performers. We work in the following strategic areas:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Competency Modeling
  • HR and Recruitment Audits
  • Employer brand
  • Career Websites
  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Onboarding
  • Career Mapping and Succession Planning
  • Merger and Acquisition HR Due diligence
  • Graduate and Intern Programmes
  • HR social media alignment


Employee recruitment and hiring is expensive. To be the best there is no substitute for comprehensiveness. Period. If there is mis-hire or lack of available resources holding back growth, your company could lose critical ground, especially if you are in aggressive-growth mode. Moreover, hiring a top performer can be elusive, and missing the mark can be costly and the difference between success and failure.

At Galvanize HR, we believe the traditional recruitment firm financial engagement model is broken. Hiring success should be measured across the organization for overall long-term impact and not a “flesh-peddling” transaction.

We have developed a one-of-a-kind value pricing fee structure for our search and placement services that fulfill our goal of driving the right long-term hiring behaviour for our clients.

As an Artisanal hiring service provider working with growing organizations, we are intimately aware of the issues of cash flow and financial constraints. As your partner, we will move mountains to create a fee structure and engagement model that ensures we all grow together.

To receive our guide for companies and candidates, “The Truth about Using Search Firms,” please click HERE.

Talent Assessment Fees

Our Comprehensive Chronological Competency Interview Assessments (CCI’s) service is rigorous and intense. We are hired by the day to assess up to two external or internal candidates for the fraction of the cost of an Executive Search fee or the cost of a miss-hire.

We are so confident that our assessments will make an immediate impact in your hiring decision we only charge for our services after it is delivered. If our assessments did not prove to be definitive in confirming your previous evaluation or in shaping a new evaluation then the day is on us. The Assessments are booked by the day and we have limited capacity so booking in advance is a must.

To Receive a PDF overview of our Assessment Process please click HERE

Consulting Engagements

We believe in demonstrating competency not talking about it. To all new potential consulting clients we offer one free morning of consulting on any talent related issue. This is not a sales pitch but instead a free demonstration of our consulting acumen and a candid evaluation of your situation. The information we provide is you’re to use as you wish. Should we wish to partner we provide a reliable quote based on a mix of project fees and/or billable hours.



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